Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There are people out there that are using YouTube to make money from their home made videos and we will be taking a closer look at how these people are capitalizing on YouTube Videos and making lots of money through this online video sharing site.

What is YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share videos if you would like to read up more on what YouTube is about then go to YouTube.

Who would have thought that you can make money online from YouTube with your home make videos, and the reality of it is that there is more than one way of make money from YouTube Videos and many people are taking advantage of this and making big money online. Lets look at some of these methods that are known to work.

Video ad units (Google Adsense)

If you are a Google Adsense Publisher you will be able to login to your Publisher Account and link to YouTube, the way that it works is that publishers get to customize YouTube Players with specificvideo content owned by partners who are the Independent video producers of the video content. Google Adsense ads are displayed both above and below the video within the YouTube player this player you can either embed into your websites or blogs. So if you are either a publisher or a partner you can both benefit in this method and will receive an ad revenue share.

Becoming a YouTube Partner

Do you upload original videos regularly, are these online streaming videos watched by hundreds or even thousands of YouTubers and you have big onlinevideo subscriber following, have good video content, own your videos or have permission to use somebodies else’s video material. Then I think its time for you to consider monetizing this video content by joining up to the YouTube Partnership program and starting your own YouTube video channel. Make sure you have all these requirements in place before applying as YouTube will not accept just anyone and their online videos. As a Youtube partner, you will be able to share revenue generated from relevant InVideo ads on your videos and banner ads displayed above or below your videos. If you are currently getting thousands or even hundreds of thousand of views or more on yourvideo ads there is potential in making some really good money online.

Run Your Own Affiliate Ads on Videos

You can watermark your online videos with your website or blog and you can promote an affiliate offer or redirect your viewers to your affiliate landing page by including the affiliate link in the description areas of your videos. Another way is that when a viewer comes to view your YouTube profile page to watch yourvideo they will see your affiliate link in the top right hand side on your YouTube profile. This way you will drive viewers to your hot affiliate product that you are trying to sell online through your website or blog or just put a website link to one of your most popular pages.

Advertise your own products through YouTube

YouTube is a great place to advertise your products that you sell or services that you may offer. You can get professional videos made that promotes these products or services.

Promoting your website or blog through YouTube

You can drive many YouTube viewers to your website or blog by uploading videos about what your website or blog is about and through this you can monetize your site by using Google Adsense or offer advertising banners or text links space on your site. YouTube is one of the top 10 websites in the World with tens of millions of viewers every month that is one big web audience to tap into.


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