Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In this Internet Age it’s quite easy to sell and buy anything off the Internet and that’s why, if you have hobbies like photography, you can make extra money by selling your photographs to online stock photography agencies.

We will be sharing some tips to help you earn pocket money that can be used to buy new photographic equipment and expand your online earnings through photography.

What are Stock Photography Agencies?
Stock Phography Agencies are companies that represent photographers and sell their photographs (“right of use”) to advertising companies, graphic artist or agencies and newspapers. The stock agencies that we refer to are micro-stock agencies that deal with low price stuctures to sell your photographs online to a broad audience (from $1 to a few dollars). Most of the time this will come with restricted uses for a photograph and have quality favoured policies in place.

Recommended Online Photo Stock Agencies
There are a lot of Photo Stock Agencies on the web and most of the contracts are not exclusive. Let’s have a look at what some of these offer to their user base.
IStockPhoto – this is a big online leading photo stock agency. The images are sold between $1 and $12, which could lead to nice payoffs. Commision structure is between 20% and 40% You can also sell your Flash work or illustrations.
Dreamtime – this is very popular with its existing client base but a less well-known site. Price per image is $1 and $2 for full resolution. Commission structure is 50% Pics are usually approved within 3 days. A very user-friendly site.
Shutter Stock – This is one of the leading online photo stock agencies, this agency is different as it offers a subscription and encourages downloads of images (up to 25 a day). The photographers earn 25c per download. Pictures are approved within a day or two.
Check out some of theses other Online Photo Stock Agencies – fotolia, bigstockphoto, 123rf.com, stockxpert, canstockphoto, feature pics, photostockplus

Getting Paid out by selling your Photographs
You normally have to accumulate a fixed amount of money (between $75 and $100) before you can get paid out, either via check or paypal.


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