Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Paid to Read Emails

Want to be part of an online company that is owned by its members and in which you participate with the rest of the members community to make money for this online business, then you need to read further to find out what benefits Take the Internet Back can offer you in your pursuit to earn money online.

I came across Take the Internet Back about a year ago while pursuing ways to make money online and decided to give this online business site a chance. So I joined up to their free Take the Internet Back members signup page and every since have been an active member and have managed to rake up +$30 for reading emails that are sent via their advertising system.

Let’s have a closer look at their system and how you can actively participate and have part ownership of this Internet Company which is growing continuously as you read this blog post and we will look at some passed stats of the growth of this online company.

  • On signup you automatically get $10.00
  • All you need to do is read between 1 and 10 e-mails a day and refer one person to stay in the program to become member for life.
  • The more actively you participate in the program by reading emails and referring people the more money you will make and the greater your ownership stake in Take the Internet Back.
  • If you prefer not to receive emails via email you can login to the Take the Internet Back website to view the emails sent to you.
  • Free downloads are offered once signed up to Take The Internet Back to help you with online marketing of your personal website or blog and to drive more traffic.
  • Downloads like online marketing training, E-books, ad blasters, article submitters, and other useful internet tools.
  • To cash out your money you need to accumulate at leased $50.00 in your account.
  • This program is totally legal and fully disclosed.
  • Great way to make money from home how easy can it be.
Take the Internet Back Stats
There are four key money distribution components in Take the Internet Back:
  • Total Advertise funds received (100%), Advertising revenue 2007 $65,518.90, 2009 $293,932.00
  • Funds disbursed to members (45%), Payouts to members 2007 $29,483.49, 2009 $132,271.00
  • Funds retained in WarChest(45%), Funds to invest in Future Internet projects or buy outs. 2007 $21,483.49, 2009 $99,341.00
  • Administration expenses (10%), Running cost for company 2007 $6,551.91, 2009 $29,393.00
Join Take the Internet Back and own a piece of the next big Internet company – completely free forever!


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